Move your attention from walls to ceiling and the floor. The look of a room can be transformed quickly when you add color to unexpected surfaces. Pick a color and get started!

Bring contrast with surprising combinations

Extending colors from walls to the ceiling will create an unexpected element that will definitely draw attention to it. The sky-blue ceiling in the picture is painted with H353 Forget me not. It is easier to paint a ceiling than you would think – you will get it done with the help of a paint roller and an extension pole.

If you prefer light and neutral shades on the walls try painting the ceiling with a pastel shade to create contrast. Color Now 2020 collection’s Color of the year, sunny H300 Lemonade will go well with earthy colors and cheer up a traditional Scandinavian interior.

Pair matte walls with a shiny floor

When painting the floor, consider its material. The most easily painted flooring materials are wood and concrete. For example, choose the semi-mat Pontti floor paint in the shade Y383 Cucumber for the floor and paint the walls with the full-matt Harmony Interior wall paint in shade J407 Siesta. Crisp pastel tones look great together!


Colors create the atmosphere

When planning a painting project, think about what kind of mood you want to create in the space and choose the color of the ceiling or floor according to it. Here are three tips to help you create the mood you want:

When you pick different colors for the floor, ceiling and walls, you can keep the overall look considered by sticking to max three colors in furniture and details.

You can also seek color inspiration for the roof or floor in the room’s furniture. The look of your livingroom will become much more individual when you choose the color of the roof according to your favorite cushions or armchair!

If you want to keep the atmosphere calm, choose a warm color both for the walls and for the floor or ceiling. Similarly, combining only cool hues will create a composed look.

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