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Are you planning to change the look of your home? Now it’s a great time to play with colours and paints! Matte paints have already been popular for a while but now glossy walls, floors and ceilings are trending.

For most of the people matte paints in home decor is the safest choice. Although, by boldly mixing matte and glossy surfaces, you’ll create an unexpected and deliciously stylish look that speaks for itself.

Glossy surfaces are durable and easy to clean, whereas matte surfaces cover imperfections better

Matte surfaces along with glossy ones make your home decor more interesting.

When planning a painting project it’s good to think carefully about gloss grades. If you want a full-matt wall surface, choose Harmony Interior Paint. For furniture you can use waterborne Helmi Furniture Paint, which is available in three gloss grades. For floors a semi-gloss Betolux Akua or semi-matt Pontti floor paint is a perfect choice. 

Matte and glossy surfaces create different atmosphere into a space and reflect light in different ways. While gloss highlights colors and reflects light, matte sheen absorbs light and looks softer on the wall. It also makes the room more balanced and peaceful.



Glossy or matter paint?

The glossier the surface is, the weaker dirt sticks to it. Although any touch ups will stand out but the surface is easy to clean. From matte surfaces it is more challenging to clean the dirt off than from glossy surfaces. Matte finishes cover imperfections better than gloss finishes which show every single imperfection.

Don’t be shy playing with paints – by mixing glossy and matte surfaces in different spaces you’ll make your home look more vibrant overnight!

Choose a glossy paint when…

  • you want a surface that is easy to clean.
  • you want a surface that is durable.
  • you want to play with contrasts and light reflections

Choose a matte paint when…

  • you want the surface look soft.
  • you want to create a peaceful atmosphere (living rooms and bedrooms).
  • you want a paint that easily covers imperfections.
  • you want to play it safe.